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L4123F Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Finally, catches of tunas with sporting techniques are a beautiful reality in the Sardinian [...] from € 7.50
OH3700 Accessories > Hooks OMTD It is a versatile, durable and strong saltwater hook. This hook is designed to catch the giant [...] from € 7.80
OWNER SSW STRAIGHT EYE 5180 Accessories > Hooks OWNER The SSW Straight Eye is a Japanese brand from the Owner with the CUTTING POINT concept, which [...] from € 5.00
142N Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU I love mid-stallion, extremely reliable for capturing very combative prey, in freshwater [...] from € 4.90
WM1080G Accessories > Hooks EAGLE CLAW Hook designed for live trolling. Dark color, anti-snag ring, straight shape. Lazer Sharp technology. from € 3.50
CHINU WHIT RING Accessories > Hooks bkk BKK CHINU WITH RING is an ideal hook for fishing, both for light and deep fishing, and for [...] from € 2.50
REDENTEX Accessories > Hooks WMC - Hooks studied and designed in Italy for live trolling. -ReDentex Front = towing hook - -ReDentex [...] from € 6.80
L4644F Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU For over a decade this love has become a classic in Italy after gaining some popularity in [...] from € 5.90
SERIE 9GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Another I love is fishing in the beach, this time devoted to finding bigger predators that [...] from € 4.90
6315H Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU With its black color and its double strength structure, this is the "villain" of [...] from € 4.90
410 N Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Large nickel plated race, with a very small race, able to preserve the vitality of the bait. [...] from € 4.90
SERIE 54TS Accessories > Hooks TUBERTINI Hook in black chrome with an eyelet beaten on the curvature. Series that, due to the large [...] from € 4.00
LS SERIE 6 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU If we have to speculate for this I love the success of the classic version (62041 S) we should [...] from € 4.90
9255SFS-SS Accessories > Hooks Mustad Mustad stainless steel hooks series 92553FS-SS vane version, very robust and long-lasting, [...] from € 7.90
GORILLA LIVE BAIT 5105 Accessories > Hooks OWNER   Very strong, forged, highly resistant to corrosion. The number 2 on sale here is [...] from € 5.40
BEAK F-779 Accessories > Hooks sasame The Sasame hooks, BEAK Serie F779 Black Nichel, are very strong and sharp forged hooks. The [...] from € 3.50
LS SERIE 18 GP Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU I love expressing a balanced weight / strength relationship. Its steel is relatively thin [...] from € 3.80
LS SERIE 2 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Having to choose which hooks to add to the renewed Anticorrosion series, a universal hook like [...] from € 4.90
120 N Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU The most classic long-stalked lion, probably used by all Italian fishermen in a thousand and [...] from € 4.90
LS SERIE 7 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU 7GPS = 120N Who would be the crazy man who would not turn into a seaweed (hence anti-corrosion) [...] from € 4.90
LS SERIE 1 GP Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU   It is a reinforced version of the 410N series. Its special resistance is precious [...] from € 3.80
KS HOOKS - EXTRA STRONG Accessories > Hooks BLACK MAGIC Our most popular style. A heavier wire gauge than other brands ensures that these hooks are [...] from € 8.70
HAKU LIVE BAIT Accessories > Hooks bkk The BKK Haku Livebait hook is specifically designed for live-bait fishing. A long shank, [...] from € 4.80
OCTOPUS INLINE CIRCLE RED Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Here is the famous Octopus light, in red color, a legendary love because it is robust and at [...] from € 6.80
LS SERIE 3 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU 142N = LS Series 3GPS Fantastic all-round hook that is finished by right in the new NS Black [...] from € 4.90
410 B Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Loved by many agonists for its extreme reliability even in difficult conditions, it is light [...] from € 4.90
B957 Accessories > Hooks COLMIC Hook ideal for difficult fish for which it is necessary a primer that is always perfect. Excellent [...] from € 3.90
LS SERIE 1 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU It is the Black Finish NS version of 7535 N, the favorite hook for lovers of sea bream fishing [...] from € 4.90
GAMAKATSU OCTOPUS CIRLE Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU I love fishing deep in the eyes with sardines or squid, where it excels for the hold during [...] from € 3.80
RED OCTOPUS BEAK Accessories > Hooks bkk   RED OCTOPUS BEAK is definitely the hook that can not miss during a fishing session [...] from € 5.00
MR300 Accessories > Hooks COLMIC This is one of the hooks most sought-after by professional surfcasters. Very lightweight and [...] from € 4.80
TOURNAMENT MUTU 5174BB-161 Accessories > Hooks OWNER The Tournament Mutu 5174BB-161 is equipped with a swivel with bearings, designed to present [...] from € 13.90
420 N Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Fixed rod and bolognese are the sectors of excellence of this classic hook, able to best present [...] from € 4.90
GAMAKATSU LS 5314T ARC Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU From today, the legendary 12840, known all over the world as "Octopus Hooks" and [...] from € 3.50
6314 B Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU hook the extraordinary irrigation properties, unbeatable in English fishing and legering.Proprio [...] from € 4.90
LS SERIE 3 GP Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU This is the G-Point version of the classic 120N long stem, to which the eyelet has been added [...] from € 3.80
LS SERIE 4 GP Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU from € 3.60
TOURNAMENT 314 Accessories > Hooks BAD BASS from € 4.40
7385BL B-LOK Accessories > Hooks WMC The patented VMC B-Lok® bait stopper prevents bait from going up and down the hook shank, [...] from € 9.80
LS SERIE 10 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU It is the real news that the great series of lovers NS Black Finish offers at the moment. Fortunately [...] from € 4.90
92553S-SS Accessories > Hooks Mustad Hooks Mustad 92553S Mustad 95553S forged hook with eye in crooked stainless steel, extra strong [...] from € 7.90
OWNER SSW 5111 Accessories > Hooks OWNER Like Original Owner, a Japanese manufacturer of high-end jewelry and accessories. Each year, [...] from € 5.00
LS SERIE 8 GPS Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU LS SERIE8GPS = 120N with eyelet A natural evolution of an egg that has become unavoidable [...] from € 4.90
F314 Accessories > Hooks GAMAKATSU Classic hook for the creation of poppers, zonkers and other large lures for pike and black [...] from € 5.30
CP- CPOIN HOOKS Accessories > Hooks BLACK MAGIC The chemically sharpened C POINT® with its three cutting edges and smaller than average [...] from € 9.80